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Chubbuck Studio Berlin
is hosting with love

As a professional acting studio, we see our duty in offering our actors as many opportunities as possible to try out different acting techniques and to train their acting craft in all directions. We place special emphasis on inviting internationally renowned coaches and offering a wide range of different techniques. 

Character Design Masterclass

March 23rd - 26th | in Berlin

The Character Design Technique helps you to create a character from scratch authentically, overcome obstacles to performing well, and gain deeper insight into your own physicality and psyche. Work with the world-renowned turkish acting coaches Filiz Kaya Ataklı and Beyti Engin as a participant or an auditor.

Deadline to apply: March 15th 2023

participants: € 465,-

auditors: € 210,-

Diktion Workshop
mit Jörg Witte

2. + 3. März 2024 | in Berlin

Welchen schauspielerischen sinnlichen Wert hat für uns Spieler:innen das Auffinden von Strukturen in Texten, egal ob griechische Tragödie oder Soap-Drehbuch? Kann das Spaß machen und nicht nur germanistische Regelvermittlung sein? Kann es uns helfen uns unsere Stücke und Drehbücher besser zu erschließen?

Deadline to apply: 26. Februar 2024

Preis: € 197,-

Chubbuck Technique

September 28th - 29th 2024 | in Berlin

Train and professionalize your acting skills with the world-renowned acting coach Ivana Chubbuck as a participant by working on stage or as an auditor by interactively listening, watching and doing exercises alongside the participants.

Deadline to apply: September 1st 2023

participants: € 695,-

auditors: € 159,- students: € 137,-

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